What are these so called values                                                                                                         That Gove has chosen to name                                                                                                    When values are always evolving                                                                                                   and aren’t governments to claim

Do these ‘British’ values                                                                                                                     see people live on the street                                                                                                             and families who parents both work                                                                                              struggle to make ends meet

Do the promotion of these values                                                                                                   Justify the cuts to care                                                                                                                      And make it harder for those in need                                                                                                  to try and claim welfare

Are they designed to make us proud                                                                                                 of our culture and nation                                                                                                                      Or are they just a method of                                                                                                  jingoistic indoctrination

Cameron states that one value is                                                                                                     respect for the rule of law                                                                                                                       Yet his cronies have brought in statutes                                                                                         that have increased percentage of poor

Gove wants democracy, tolerance                                                                                                    and respect as values taught                                                                                                                 But how can this be                                                                                                                        when screams of the despaired                                                                                                             are repeatedly ignored

See the problem with these values                                                                                                 that they’re trying to promote                                                                                                             is that while we’re expected to live by them                                                                                chance they’ll do same is remote

So until MP’s live by them                                                                                                                      and in their mindset they have reached                                                                                          They should just stay silent                                                                                                                and to us they should not preach

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Every night she hears wails                                                                                                               That refuse to cease                                                                                                                               As her house                                                                                                                                               Is on a burial ground                                                                                                                             And the screams are the deceased!

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By chains created by

plutocracies and society

at large


By dogmas

that sentence us

to a prison

without visible bars



By school systems

that made intuitive minds convicts


By expected norms

that restrict our abilities

and endless possibilities


By mundane jobs

which most don’t like

which benefit our bosses

more than us

Yet we are suppose

to be grateful for



are the disabled

and the homeless

and anyone else who’s vulnerable


By policies


and language

Designed to confine people’s minds

to parochial paradigms

and prohibit

its divergent thinking


Making those in need

seem greedy

and those who are greedy

seem needy


But most people aren’t aware

that they’ve been sentenced

and think they’re out

on parole


By time released

they’re handcuffed by this system

They’re in physical

and emotional debt


And are shackled by regret

of not knowing

their sentence sooner


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His breathing and his sweat crease                                                                                                  As it draws ever near                                                                                                                             It not what he knows that haunts him                                                                                             But the unknown that he fears


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Mother nature’s been eroded                                                                                                               By selfishness and greed                                                                                                                        As we focus on voracious wants                                                                                                            And not on what Earth needs

All just to make more pounds and pence                                                                                       We corrode Earth’s natural wonder                                                                                                     And while sea levels rise and ice caps melt                                                                                         We still destroy and plunder

As this financial system                                                                                                                   Leaves nature in deficit                                                                                                                     But companies do not give a toss                                                                                                          So long as they profit

So they’ll find more creative ways                                                                                                         To extract oil, coal and gas                                                                                                                But mankind is so arrogant                                                                                                               We think these fuels will last

So when Earth is a wasteland                                                                                                               & no resources remain                                                                                                                         We shouldn’t look for excuses                                                                                                              We’ve only ourselves to blame

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-ism                                                                                                                                                   Three letter word                                                                                                                            Noun to be precise                                                                                                                                  A vocabulary devise                                                                                                                            that divides and rules                                                                                                                         But we are the fools                                                                                                                                who fall for it

racISM                                                                                                                                                   sexISM                                                                                                                                                 ageISM                                                                                                                                                   All as bad as each other                                                                                                                     Yet rated in hierarchical structure

So is it any wonder                                                                                                                                  Fear of those different                                                                                                                           from the ‘normal’ other                                                                                                          Perceptually continues                                                                                                                    When any discriminatory names                                                                                                     are placed on levels                                                                                                                               When they should all                                                                                                                             be seen the same

And no government legislation                                                                                                              Will halt mental segmentation                                                                                                       Unless we talk                                                                                                                                       about our hate

Or else those who discriminate                                                                                                         will just disseminate                                                                                                                           their fear                                                                                                                                                     In increasingly covert ways

So let us chat and consider                                                                                                               Why some people say nigger                                                                                                            Why some people say spag                                                                                                                    with venomous delight                                                                                                                          when it makes others sad

For unless we discuss                                                                                                                           Our fear of the unknown                                                                                                                more openly                                                                                                                                          Our closet hate                                                                                                                                     will maintain this reality                                                                                                                   And in response                                                                                                                                       our actuality








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When he and his girlfriend always kiss                                                                                             A part of his body starts to swell                                                                                                       It’s not the part that you think, it’s his lips                                                                                       As he’s allergic to her balm from Chanel!

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