Of the journey

we now take

From the stench of  impending death

To a land that smells free

So we may have

a future



As our new land

Reeks in as much fear

As the land we left

Yet the fear is of us

Taking and not giving

When all we want

Is love and assistance



As in the land we left

And the land we’re in

We are the ‘other’

Instead of sisters and brothers

Trying to live our lives

Which due to bile and hate

Have an uncertain future

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This poem was published nearly three years ago and I’ve decided to reproduce it here.

I’m sitting

on a park bench

seeing nature’s skeletal frames

all around me


And I’m smiling

as I see you

lying on a blanket

of nature’s shredded skin


You’ve a radiance

that surrounds you

and keeps me warm

despite the cold


And your splashing

of nature’s skin

reminds me of your love of the pool


You’re also floating

in the water

on your back


On your back

is where I next see you

Floating between life and death


The cadence of your beat

helping my comfort

then bleep….


A watery film obscures my vision

and I close my eyes


When they open

my vision’s returned

but you have not

and the pile you played on is undisturbed


Just like my memory of you

My darling sunshine

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like an ice cream being dragged

by gravity’s pull

down the side of its cone

is how I see

the side of your face


The rest of you

is prostrate and sniff

as though you’re in the midst

of sleep paralysis

Aware of your surroundings

But unable to move


‘Don’t be scared’ you say

when you see my face

frozen with fear

Yet the fear can not be helped

when the movement of your mouth

resembles the dying breaths of fish

when they are out of their comfort zone


At least you’re in your comfort zone

with an amphitheater of loved ones

surrounding your bed

while you recover from this

sharply struck yet insidious

attack on your body


It feels like 10 hours

But it’s only 10 minutes

I stay in that room

I exit it slowly

but swiftly

then leave the house entirely


It’s the last time I see

your physical being

I next see you

encased in pine

as you are lowered to the ground

and your spirit travels beyond the sky

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Labels prejudge people

they constrict thought

put people into boxes

and should be ignored


A rich heart and soul

improves mental health

so don’t follow others

but be your true self


Don’t run nor hide

be proud of who you are

as being your own person

will take you very far


Don’t walk a worn path

but create your own

choose to be unique

and not someone’s clone


So live life to the full

be who you want to be

as by only been yourself

you will truly be free







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Hailstones of fire                                                                                                                                       Rain down on land                                                                                                                               Injuring or killing                                                                                                                                        Any child, woman and man                                                                                                                 That’s in their way

Their path of flight                                                                                                                              Despite what some say                                                                                                                      Doesn’t discriminate                                                                                                                                  Just disseminates                                                                                                                                      Both destruction                                                                                                                                          and the oppression                                                                                                                                         Of innocents just wanting                                                                                                                            to live their lives

They say they’re defending land                                                                                                             But how can one defend                                                                                                                      what’s already occupied                                                                                                                           And how can the world                                                                                                                          Stand idly by                                                                                                                                              while this massacre takes place                                                                                                         before our eyes

But Palestinians are seen                                                                                                                              as easy blood                                                                                                                                                    by governments worldwide                                                                                                                   Their causalities                                                                                                                                     simply statistics                                                                                                                                              to who accepts this genocide

And these innocents can’t escape as they’re                                                                        BLOCKED                                                                                                                                                          By a surrounding wall                                                                                                                BLOCKED                                                                                                                                                          By their Palestinian passports

So they’re stuck where they’re at                                                                                                              As the bombs are fired again                                                                                                               When will someone condemn this                                                                                                        and demand the slaughter ends?

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In my darkest days

All I felt was pain

And the end seemed close in sight

But no one can destroy

This new feeling of joy

And well as my love and light

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My dad brings me                                                                                                                            glorious wings                                                                                                                                           that I use                                                                                                                                                 to make my escape

But I fly near the sun                                                                                                                           and my wings are now gone                                                                                                               So I fall                                                                                                                                                  and await my fate



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