Mother nature’s been eroded                                                                                                               By selfishness and greed                                                                                                                        As we focus on voracious wants                                                                                                            And not on what Earth needs

All just to make more pounds and pence                                                                                       We corrode Earth’s natural wonder                                                                                                     And while sea levels rise and ice caps melt                                                                                         We still destroy and plunder

As this financial system                                                                                                                   Leaves nature in deficit                                                                                                                     But companies do not give a toss                                                                                                          So long as they profit

So they’ll find more creative ways                                                                                                         To extract oil, coal and gas                                                                                                                But mankind is so arrogant                                                                                                               We think these fuels will last

So when Earth is a wasteland                                                                                                               & no resources remain                                                                                                                         We shouldn’t look for excuses                                                                                                              We’ve only ourselves to blame

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