Labels prejudge people

they constrict thought

put people into boxes

and should be ignored


A rich heart and soul

improves mental health

so don’t follow others

but be your true self


Don’t run nor hide

be proud of who you are

as being your own person

will take you very far


Don’t walk a worn path

but create your own

choose to be unique

and not someone’s clone


So live life to the full

be who you want to be

as by only been yourself

you will truly be free







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2 Responses to LABELS

  1. jaynel62 says:

    CLAIM them, CLEAN them CHUCK them xx

  2. finolamoss says:

    But, as is happening now particularly in the UK, labels, are put on you at 5 years old, and dictate every interaction with you, and then at 18 control your every decision for life for profit.

    Including removal from all you love.

    And you can do nothing about it as you are labelled ‘incapable’, legally incompetent .

    This is now the main use for mental labels, and the awareness campaigns to validate, promote and use them..

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