like an ice cream being dragged

by gravity’s pull

down the side of its cone

is how I see

the side of your face


The rest of you

is prostrate and sniff

as though you’re in the midst

of sleep paralysis

Aware of your surroundings

But unable to move


‘Don’t be scared’ you say

when you see my face

frozen with fear

Yet the fear can not be helped

when the movement of your mouth

resembles the dying breaths of fish

when they are out of their comfort zone


At least you’re in your comfort zone

with an amphitheater of loved ones

surrounding your bed

while you recover from this

sharply struck yet insidious

attack on your body


It feels like 10 hours

But it’s only 10 minutes

I stay in that room

I exit it slowly

but swiftly

then leave the house entirely


It’s the last time I see

your physical being

I next see you

encased in pine

as you are lowered to the ground

and your spirit travels beyond the sky

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2 Responses to MELTING

  1. This is such a beautiful tribute. It takes me places, reunites me with someone from my past. The simple artistry of this poem is moving.

  2. Wow! I love your poetry.

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