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There are times when others see me as weird and places where my face doesn’t fit But if people form an opinion based on so little Then why should I give a shit With people who are that narrow minded … Continue reading

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My poems have tended to be a bit dark. So for a change, here is something a little lighter. Life should be ridiculous Fabulous and marvellous And if it’s not any of these Then frankly it’s too serious   Enjoy … Continue reading

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Dreams help us see possibilities                                                                                                     And endless opportunities                                                                                                                  Of how we can creatively                                                                                                               Improve the state of society And help us realise the capacity                                                                                                        Of our own capabilities                                                                                                                    And allow us to leave briefly                                                                                                           This mundane, squalid normality

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Some days I feel like sunshine Some days I feel like dirt Some days I live life to the max Some days my head just hurts Some days I feel I’m floating Some days I feel I’ve crashed Some days … Continue reading

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My life was so bad my days were like Potholes on the road But now I’m more positive and awake My future’s paved with gold I was just stuck in a morassof bitterness and fearBut though my path is dark … Continue reading

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I only live day to day Because of one thing – hope That one word’s the only thing That stopped my downward slope Without hope I would still be Suffering anguish and hurt In fact I wouldn’t be writing this … Continue reading

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Mankind has the ability To create and see such beauty But instead to choosing to bring joy We decided to inflict cruelty We could have use our abilities To spread joy and happiness Instead they were used for our frivolous … Continue reading

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