At times when in a reflective mood, I write small poems based on my thoughts and observations of the world around me. Here is a collection of them.

When will we all realise?
That we shouldn’t look to divide
and not try to hate
but instead concentrate
on the traits that unite our minds


Our minds have great ability                                                                                                                But we waste their capacity                                                                                                               On money and division                                                                                                                   Which cause such division                                                                                                              And have brought us such misery


Too many people simply acquiescence
Even if it goes against common sense
And as such we make little progress
No wonder society’s in such a mess


We’re not in a democracy                                                                                                                   But are governed by a kakistocracy                                                                                                  Who have install debt slavery                                                                                                            To maintain the rule of the plutocracy


Better to be me than live a lie                                                                                                            Set my own rules than comply                                                                                                       With most of society                                                                                                                          Who aren’t really free                                                                                                                           As they’re incapable of using their own minds


I like been unpredictable                                                                                                                  Attempting the impossible                                                                                                                    And if my life’s not colourful                                                                                                         Then frankly I’m just miserable


Better to be crazy and weird                                                                                                              Than follow the crowd out of fear                                                                                                       As if you are denied                                                                                                                            Your own soul, body and mind                                                                                                       Then one day it will all end in tears


The hyperbolic idolatry                                                                                                                        Of the idea of celebrity                                                                                                                           In today’s modern society                                                                                                                Makes me sigh depressingly
























































































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