Never be sorry
For who you are
Never apologise
For speaking from your heart
If those who you show love
Offer you rejection
Then really they are not
Worthy of your affection
ConDem policies
Make me sigh
But I must laugh
Instead of cry
As if I think
Of plight of poor
My mood will darken
Even more
Conformity is falseness
Prevents you from coming whole
Forces you to be someone else
Restricts your heart & soul
Soak in every wonderful moment
In your life that comes to pass
As they may not be many
And your time on Earth won’t last
Don’t judge yourself by material wealth
And pretend to be someone you’re not
Appreciate those who love you
& be thankful for what you’ve got
Scrounger rhetoric rings loud & clear
& people tut with disgust
But tax evasion cost people more
Yet we don’t kick up a fuss
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