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Shackled By chains created by plutocracies and society at large   By dogmas that sentence us to a prison without visible bars   Chained By school systems that made intuitive minds convicts   By expected norms that restrict our abilities … Continue reading

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His breathing and his sweat crease                                                                                                  As it draws ever near                                                                                                                             It not what he knows that haunts him                                                                                             But the unknown that he fears  

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Mother nature’s been eroded                                                                                                               By selfishness and greed                                                                                                                        As we focus on voracious wants                                                                                                            And not on what Earth needs All just to make more pounds and pence                                                                                       We corrode Earth’s natural wonder                                                                                                     And while sea levels rise and ice … Continue reading

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