Some of this latest batch of poems are quite gruesome….

At times we haven’t got the strength
To face problems that seem so real
So we have to go into the shadows
To allow ourselves to heal


His putrid smell as he slept                                                                                                                  Was difficult to ignore                                                                                                                         Then she realised he wasn’t asleep                                                                                                  But in fact a rotting corpse


The dog gnawed and chewed with delight                                                                                    The meat it was given to eat                                                                                                               Then it salivated some more                                                                                                        When given some human feet


When policemen left he sighed                                                                                                          Then slumped his shoulders low                                                                                                        For they nearly discovered that his wife                                                                                           Is under the patio


Though was able to quench thirst
Face had a look of disdain
As he realised that human blood
Tasted better direct from a vein

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