I have a tendency to make up quotes based on my life experiences and post them online. Here are just a few of them.

‘Life can be related to Newton’s first law of motion – nothing will move or change in it unless you move it yourself’.

‘A person’s life can be a bus or a taxi. You can either go on a set path that others follow with little control or can dictate your own path to wherever you want to go’.

‘In a western world where most things are instantaneous, how can we teach young people the virtues of hard work and patience?’

‘Desire is the catalyst needed to achieve success. Experience is the fuel needed to sustain it’.

‘Imitation is the sign of a lesson being learned. Progression is the sign of that lesson being understood’.

‘It’s not what people really are, but what they think they are that holds them back.’

‘We don’t live in a world of information, we live in a world of PR.’

‘Normality’s the reality the establishment uses as a distraction’

‘The higher up the ladder you progress, the less empathy you possess’

‘Only those who don’t question the reality we live in & stick rigidly to what society expects, dismiss those outside the paradigm as crazy.’

‘I’ve never deliberately tried to be weird. I’ve deliberately tried to be me. Weird is just the label used by the uninitiated.’

‘People demonstrate against constrictions of speech, but seldom complain about constrictions of thought’

‘The only addiction worth having is to happiness.’

“Better to ask ‘why not’ and do then say ‘if only’ and don’t”

‘If your heart and soul is not rich, then you will always be poor’

‘Those who are quick to offer you their rejection, are not worthy of your affection’

‘Life is a ride with a few bumps along the way. Only each of us can decide whether the speed bumps remain, or the road becomes a lot smoother.’

‘Our capabilities only limited by our own perception of reality, not by the true reality’

‘Still continuing to vote for the main political parties, despite constant disappointment, is like a boxer taking punishment when they should have long retired.’

‘Mainstream media is now at a point where what is trivial is considered important to report & what’s important to report is now considered trivial.’

‘Insanity is the curse of the awakened’

‘I don’t worry about trying & failing. I always worry about failing to try.’

‘Art is the most agreeable way to communicate an unspeakable truth’.

‘Imagination is the key that unlocks our mind from the chains of its rational processes’.

‘The point of art is not to discuss its external appearance, but to debate its internal meaning’.

‘Western education is the prison warden that makes our intuitive mind a convict’.

‘Conformity is the straight jacket that constricts our abilities and endless possibilities.’

‘Seeking out truth and enlightenment has always covertly prohibited to prevent the populous becoming addicted to it.’

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