What are these so called values                                                                                                         That Gove has chosen to name                                                                                                    When values are always evolving                                                                                                   and aren’t governments to claim

Do these ‘British’ values                                                                                                                     see people live on the street                                                                                                             and families who parents both work                                                                                              struggle to make ends meet

Do the promotion of these values                                                                                                   Justify the cuts to care                                                                                                                      And make it harder for those in need                                                                                                  to try and claim welfare

Are they designed to make us proud                                                                                                 of our culture and nation                                                                                                                      Or are they just a method of                                                                                                  jingoistic indoctrination

Cameron states that one value is                                                                                                     respect for the rule of law                                                                                                                       Yet his cronies have brought in statutes                                                                                         that have increased percentage of poor

Gove wants democracy, tolerance                                                                                                    and respect as values taught                                                                                                                 But how can this be                                                                                                                        when screams of the despaired                                                                                                             are repeatedly ignored

See the problem with these values                                                                                                 that they’re trying to promote                                                                                                             is that while we’re expected to live by them                                                                                chance they’ll do same is remote

So until MP’s live by them                                                                                                                      and in their mindset they have reached                                                                                          They should just stay silent                                                                                                                and to us they should not preach

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