By chains created by

plutocracies and society

at large


By dogmas

that sentence us

to a prison

without visible bars



By school systems

that made intuitive minds convicts


By expected norms

that restrict our abilities

and endless possibilities


By mundane jobs

which most don’t like

which benefit our bosses

more than us

Yet we are suppose

to be grateful for



are the disabled

and the homeless

and anyone else who’s vulnerable


By policies


and language

Designed to confine people’s minds

to parochial paradigms

and prohibit

its divergent thinking


Making those in need

seem greedy

and those who are greedy

seem needy


But most people aren’t aware

that they’ve been sentenced

and think they’re out

on parole


By time released

they’re handcuffed by this system

They’re in physical

and emotional debt


And are shackled by regret

of not knowing

their sentence sooner


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3 Responses to HANDCUFFED

  1. Grumbling Gargoyle says:

    Very good..I can feel the twitching of your angry jaw as I read it…

  2. Hit the nail on my head Chris. Trouble is you woke the demon bitterness of my school days.
    In days gone by, goverments used poverty and war to keep the populace under control. Now it’s “The threat of terror” and what we will lose if we “don’t behave”!

  3. Brilliant, Chris! Definitely nail on head and filled with passion!

    Thank you!

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