At times I sit down, breath a sigh                                                                                               Followed by a frown                                                                                                                             As I think of all the misery in the world                                                                                         And how it’s the wrong way round

How the law service destroys justice                                                                                                 And the doctors destroy health                                                                                                        How the poor are getting poorer                                                                                                    While the rich get more wealth

How mass media destroys information                                                                                           By distorting what we hear and see                                                                                               And governments continue to destroy                                                                                          What’s left of our liberty

Yet while it’s now so obvious                                                                                                               How this government has caused hurt                                                                                       Most people still ignore it                                                                                                                   And deny that it’s occurred

Though more people are becoming ‘awake’                                                                                        It still isn’t enough                                                                                                                             When will people stop being asleep                                                                                              And wake the bloody hell up

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11 Responses to WAKING UP

  1. Grumbling Gargoyle says:

    This is a great poem Chris! I love the way you freeze frame the warped and twisted wrongness of society by delineating the opposites of each profession! Yes…this shall remain one of my favourites of yours…:)

  2. i agree, a well written piece, it says what I am thinking.

  3. sazzyboots says:

    Wow Chris this is brilliantly done xx
    more of the sameishnishishness pls

  4. hap says:

    It certainly expresses my views of government and policy makers, and well constructed. Unfortunately, the people who NEED to read it, never will. Or if they do, they’ll brush it aside as hyperbole. Nevertheless, Good work

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  6. traveller47 says:

    Me gusta amigo! I agree with HAP, the people who need to read this will probably never do so.

  7. loricarlson66 says:

    Great poem, Chris… caught this from your #BluSkyFriday post… so much truth here. It’s a shame that life has come to this…

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