May your ideas and hopes be endless                                                                                            And your words be erudite yet boundless                                                                                       Let your actions be for a just cause                                                                                          Otherwise they’ll always be worthless

May you never ignore                                                                                                                             Your own intuition and thoughts                                                                                                     Don’t shy from what you feel                                                                                                            And always bring them to the fore

May you always try and be kind                                                                                             Empathetic and also be wise                                                                                                                And may your own dreams and desires                                                                                           Be achieved and not be denied

May you always question                                                                                                                 The world and its intentions                                                                                                               Not just repeat what others say                                                                                                      And form your own opinions

May you be happy and free                                                                                                                 To form your own identity                                                                                                                  And not follow what society                                                                                                             Wants or expects you to be

Always explore and never force fed                                                                                               Always lead and never be led                                                                                                              Do that and your life will be yours                                                                                                        Or you’ll be sycophantic instead







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