It was the annual sports day. In the minds of others Ryan was not expected to do anything but compete.  Though he did well whenever he took place in athletics during P.E, he only entered the 800m as no one else from his class was willing to take part in the event.

Lack of faith from others also derived from the fact that both outside and inside of class, Ryan was taciturn and kept himself to himself.  Other kids thought of him as ‘odd’, while the teachers gave up on encouraging him to involve himself in classes more by Year 8.  But had they paid more attention to him, they would have realised that while not the most communiative, he had steadily improved academically at a greater rate than anyone expected.  Thoughout his school life, Ryan had been stoic, yet quietly determined

But this was different.  One of the other boys in the race had represented the school in this event for the last three years and twelve months previously became county champion.  Yet the champion was not fully fit and had not race for the last three months due to a knee injury.  He still took part, as he considered himself to be at a greater level than the others in the field.  Ryan, has other words.

Both Ryan and the champion went on the B of the bang and unsurprisingly in was the champion who was ahead with just 300m to go.  But Ryan was not far behind him and had been conserving his energy for this moment.  With 200m to go, the champion’s injured knee was unable to exert the forces for the sprint finish he was renowed. Plus the injury meant that he had to put in more effort to run the race than he usually did.  With this in mind, Ryan was able to take advantage of this and pass the champion with 100m to go.

The champion tried to claw his way back in front, but his smooth running action had become erractic and he was unabel to catch up with Ryan.  Ryan crossed the line to win the race.  His classmates went onto the track to congratualate him.  Normally Ryan was fairly placid at any praise that came his way.  But on this day, he would never forget the cheers and adultion from the crowd.  For once, he came out of his shell and joined in the celebrations.

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