90:90 VISION

I remember reading a few years ago that people apparently  form 90% of their opinion about a person within 90 seconds of meeting them.   This poem is based on that theory.

As you see me                                                                                                                                 You’ve already judged me                                                                                                             Based on my face                                                                                                                                 my accent                                                                                                                                              the style of my hair                                                                                                                          Even based on what I currently wear

But from looks alone                                                                                                                         You can’t tell                                                                                                                                            If my partner is male or female                                                                                                     what experiences I’ve had                                                                                                              what journeys I’ve walked

Yet you’ll judge my intelligence                                                                                                       based on how I talk

And how my personality is                                                                                                                just purely on the physical

To me that seems abysmal                                                                                                       ephemeral                                                                                                                                            just plain odd                                                                                                                                     That people would judge me                                                                                                             based on not a lot

And they won’t even take the time to get to know me

So next time you see me                                                                                                                     Let me in my glory and my dignity                                                                                                     reveal myself to you                                                                                                                             As what your mind thinks I am                                                                                                        likely won’t ring true

So don’t prejudge me from what you now see

As just because I look a certain way                                                                                         Doesn’t mean I chose to play                                                                                                    society’s stereotyped game                                                                                                                  of who or what they think I should be

As all I can be                                                                                                                                      and will be                                                                                                                                               is me

But the most important thing of note                                                                                               to take away from this                                                                                                                          Is that there’s so much more to each person                                                                                   than what we think exist

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