Your lack of faith

is putrid



and any other adjective you’d like to use

And I have no clue

why you don’t trust me



See, I’ve never been a juvenile

nor truant from school

Yet you show me no faith

and I’m just ridiculed

And though others say they trust me

It’s hard to ignore

their face

As it conveys different thoughts



Their facial expressions broadcast

a visual Freudian slip

of what they really think

Which is that they don’t trust me



And you speak to me

like a nursery school teacher addresses a child

You’re so patronising

that I wonder if I’m worth your while

and also why you don’t trust me



And lack of faith from others

makes me ask ‘ why should I try’

I retreat into my shell

and become more shy



My confidence melts

Like the wings of Icarus

When he flew too close to the sun

But instead of light

I just succumb

to my doubts

about my true worth

and whether I should remain on this Earth



But I’m far too tired

to leave this plain

So I just wait

as the cycle of distrust happens again

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4 Responses to FAITHLESS

  1. jaynel62 says:

    This speaks to me a woman and as disabled; it has also applied at other times in my life when labels have been stuck on me by those in power – I Love it Chris xxx

  2. Difficult to come with constructive critisism because I dont know anything about poetry, except what I like and what I dont. The first verse was like a slap in the face which hurt, then as I read, it bought me into a world of pain I started to want to understand. Left me wanting to know why. Me gusta Chris

  3. Brilliant as usual. Your poetry is getting better and better.

  4. Thank you. Need to find sufficient time to write more.

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